Saturday, October 24, 2020

Rambler Blog & Playlist: March 8th

Hey y'all! It's FINALLY here! SPRING BREAK! I wish you all happy, warm and safe travels whether you're hitting the beach or going home. It's hard...

Rambler Weekly Blog and Playlist

Breaking news: 1) it's finally summer weather outside and 2) there are only two weeks left of May Term! For this week's playlist, I've...

Rambler Weekly Playlist October 5th

Feel the heat with this playlist that's all about love!

The After Party Season 3 – Welcome Back!

Logan and Collin are back, with their first episode of Fall 2018, as well as a new special guest!

Rambler Weekly Playlist: December 7th

Avoid all the early Christmas tunes with this mellow playlist.

Rambler Weekly Playlist November 9th

Kick back for the weekend with this vibey playlist.

Rambler Weekly Playlist & Blog: Holiday Edition

Hey Y'all! We've officially made it to the most stressful and jolly time of the semester! Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza this December,...

Rambler Playlist: Happy Holidays Edition

Get in a festive mood this holiday season with these classics!

Weekly Blog & Playlist: February 15

Hey Y'all! This week was big for music releases and music videos after the Grammy Awards, so I decided to choose a mix of genres...

Weekly Blog & Playlist: April 12

Hey y'all! It's officially Finals Week, which means classes are over for Winter Term!! Send me some suggestions to for what you think the first...