Rambler Blog & Playlist: February 22nd


Hey y’all!

It’s officially the last week in February, and I’m still trying to figure out where midterms went. There’s a long list of music videos that dropped on YouTube this week and can be found here on the trending list l, which I usually include in my blog. But, I decided to change things up this week and compiled two videos (because one just happens to be eight minutes long) that include a brilliant artist named Fkj collaborating with other brilliant artists. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Fkj (French Kiwi Juice) is a French multi-instrumentalist who creates mellow tunes. For this specific song, Fkj collaborated with Masego, who is an American musician known for his unusual, “genre-bending” style that he calls “traphousejazz.” The song “Tadow” is said to have been the product of a jam session where the two musicians were simply improvising. This song is well worth your eight minutes because of it’s versatility and downright smooth composition.

Tom Misch is one of the most brilliant artists I have come across. I’ve only been listening to him for five years, but I can tell you that his ability to capture the listener with his smooth vocals and jazzy guitar chords is unlike anything I’ve heard. In this two year old video, Misch collaborates with Fjk to perform their song “Losing My Way,” which can only be found on YouTube and SoundCloud. The mix of jazzy guitar and bass chords with Misch’s vocals emphasizes how well these two work together. Hopefully, we’ll see more from them in the future.

Stay chill,


For this week’s arts events, we have “Silent Sky” and the faculty composer’s recital!

Thursday, Feb. 21-Sunday, Mar. 3, @ Little Theater

Transylvania Theater premiered their latest play, “Silent Sky,” last night! The play, written by Lauren Gunderson and directed by Ave Lawyer, is about women astronomers and their groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of space. “Silent Sky” takes you on a journey from the beginning of Henrietta Swan Levitt’s education at Harvard Observatory all the way to her death. “Silent Sky” will run this Friday thru Sunday and next Thursday thru Sunday. For more information on showtimes and reserving free tickets, click here.

Tuesday, Feb. 26 @7:30 p.m., MFA Carrick Theater

Come support your favorite faculty members Tuesday evening for the faculty composer recital! The recital will features original works by Dr. Barnes. Dr. Polashek, and Dr. Barbara Rogers and more!