Co-Editor In Chief

Josie Grant  she/her

Hi! My name is Josie Grant! I am a junior from Lex, KY. I’m a WRC and Political Science double major with a Spanish minor. I’m one of our two editors in Chief for the 2023-24 school year. Around campus I’m also involved in Phi Mu, as our social chair, and as a staffer in the TU Writing Center. I have loved every minute being a part of The Rambler and cannot wait to see how it continues to evolve 🙂 




Co-Editor In Chief

Jack Thomas  he/him 

Hello there! I’m Jack, class of 2025. You may spot me around campus riding my skateboard or bicycle. I enjoy connecting with the outdoors and spending quality time with the people closest to me. This year, I’m looking forward to resuming the role of co-editor in chief & passing on the knowledge I’ve gathered to many excited new journalists.




Copy Editor

Nate Brother  he/him 

Hello, my name is Nate Brother, and I am very excited to be the Copy Editor for the Rambler this year! I am a Junior History major originally from Mount Sterling, Kentucky, and I am also involved with Choir and Residence Life. Thank you for reading the Rambler!




Print Copy Lead

Katie Axon  she/her

I’m Katie Axon, the Print Copy Leader and a sophomore majoring in Digital Arts and Media and Studio Art. I do a lot of different design and organization projects as a member of our newspaper team! Currently, I am going to resurrect print from the dead using witchcraft (adobe) and spells (my amazing ideas and skills)




Media Lead

Grace Zimlich  she/her

Hi! I’m Grace Zimlich, this year’s media lead meaning I’m facilitating all of our social media, website, and photography. I’m a senior double major in International Affairs and Spanish. I’ve been a writer and editor with the Rambler for a few years now but I’m so excited to try my hand with the media side of things this year!





Becca Orjala   she/her

Ello! I’m Becca, and I’m a sophomore double majoring in studio art and marketing. I am the Rambler’s treasurer and work on the print team (along with doing whatever else I feel like). I know more about you than you think, and I will be sure to write an article about it (or make a comic)!! If you see me around campus, run because that’s not me. I promise. Anyways, be sure to watch your back and read the Rambler (or else) <3




Mary Rose Beeken 


Hi! I’m Mary Rose and I’m a current freshman on the writing/editing team with a prospective English major. I’m passionate about writing, Gardenscapes, and bragging about being a Letterboxd patron.




Casey L. Casey


Hello, and welcome to my world. My name is Casey and I am a junior with an anthropology major and a medical humanities minor. This year, I will be presenting my thoughts and stories in column form in the Rambler Print. Thank you for your time.




Brenna Clark


Hi my name is Brenna Clark! I am a first year and I plan to major in marketing and minor in digital art. My position is on the print and media team.




Fallon Cross


Hello! I’m Fallon. I’m a first year and I’m hoping to major in WRC or Education. I like to write and draw comics. I love to act and I’m involved in theater on campus.




Cait Druck


I am a senior Music Tech major and the main thing I do with Rambler is writing. I’ve been part of the Rambler team before, but had to take a break. I’m very glad to be back and writing with this group again!




Lyra Duffy


Hi! My name is Lyra Duffy and I am a member of the class of 2027. I am a writing, rhetoric and communications major and a writer for The Rambler. I’m super excited to share my stories with you all!



Peyton Dunaway


Hello! I’m Peyton Dunaway. I’m a junior here at Transy and I’m currently majoring in WRC, although I’m considering a minor. I’m also involved with TUnity and the theater program, and I encourage everyone to come see a play of ours sometime. I’ve recently been working with the writing/editing team, and I’ve written a couple of stories already. I’m hoping to do lots more before I graduate next May. I don’t know if I’d like to write for a living, but I’ve always had a love for the medium, and I hope to keep falling in love with storytelling for the rest of my life.




Caroline Host


Hello, my name is Caroline! I’m a sophomore this year majoring in WRC, with a minor in English. I am mainly a part of the digital media team, with most of my work for the Rambler being in photography.




Olivia Jackson


My name is Olivia Jackson, and I am a writer for the Rambler. I’m a sophomore majoring in WRC at Transy.




Elsa Klaene


Hello! My name is Elsa Klaene. I am a member of the class of 2027 and a writer for the Rambler.




Grantland Phelps


Hello! I’m Grantland Phelps, I’m from Rising Sun, Indiana, and I’m a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major and a proud member of the class of 2026. I have just joined the Rambler this year and I’m very excited to be working on the writing team and getting my very own stories published. 




Kate Polson


Hi! My name is Kate Polson and I’m a sophomore majoring in Elementary Ed & Social Change and minoring in Creative Writing. I am excited to be a part of The Rambler’s writing team!




Cameron Ritchie


Hi my name Cameron Ritchie. I am an International Affairs: Diplomacy Track major and a Philosophy minor. I am a writer for the Rambler, a story teller, and word sorcerer.




Owen Schmidt


I am Owen Schmidt and I am a sophomore studying International Relations. My interests vary on a broad set of issues relating to politcal and philosophic questions. I am also interested in puzzles and love long walks on the beach.




Isa Slaughter


My name is Isa and this year I’m an editor for The Rambler! I’m a junior and a WRC major and a political science minor. I’m originally from Houston, TX (yee haw) but moved to Lexington when I started college. I’m in Phi Mu and my favorite book right now is “This is How You Lose the Time War” by Amal El-Mohtar.


James Soderling


My name is James and I am from Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. I am a Junior here at Transy studying Political Science and WRC. Along with writing for the Rambler, I am a member of the golf team and Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.




Maddey Stringfield


Hi! My name is Maddey and I am a member of the class of 2026. I am a Writing Rhetoric and Communications major and a Digital Arts and Media minor. I am a proud writer of the Rambler and hope to entertain and inform the masses!




Madalyn Stump


Hello! My name is Madalyn, and I am a sophomore studying art history, studio art, and digital art and media. My position in the rambler is social media on the media team.


Photos by Caroline Host

Edited by Madalyn Stump