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My legacy does not control my future. My future is its own master; It will not bow to my past. I will not bow to my past. I...

Interview Podcast: sophomore Brittany Alley on faith, identity

In out first episode of Series 2 (Winter Term 2017), Tristan Reynolds interviews Transy student Brittany Alley about faith, family, and identity. Recorded in November...

“Camelot:” a poetic reflection on the political climate

"This poem is about the current political climate in our country. While many millennials believe the world to be changing for the better, the...

Adulting 101: Finding The Perfect Graduate Program

With seniors sending in those final grad school applications, juniors may be wondering 'how'd they do it?' Below is an easy step by step...

‘Guess the word,’ with Henry Kramer

Senior Henry Kramer plays a game in which he tries to get students around campus to guess the word he's thinking.

Adulting 101: Finding the perfect post-graduation apartment

The search for an apartment is almost as important as finding a job after graduation. As an independent adult you don't want to be...

Rapid housing transition underway

There is a lot change occurring within Residence Life and student housing. Many decisions will be finalized in the coming months after all students...

Adulting 101: The Job Search

Many seniors have started thinking about the job search process with graduation fast approaching. The search for jobs can be overwhelming for those new to...

Who is Rafinesque?

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Rafskeller isn’t just a random Sodexo name for a dining facility. The Raf actually gets its...

‘The Heart of a Runner:’ part three

My last poem, “The Final Mile” was inspired by the Sunday runs I used to do for cross country the day after a meet!...


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