‘The Heart of a Runner:’ part two

A Poetry Collection by Junior Savannah Hemmer


“‘The Line’ was inspired by my favorite (and my least favorite) race in track and field: the 400 meter dash! This is no easy race and this is exactly how I feel ever time I step up to the line to run a 400.” – Savannah Hemmer, junior

The Line

The time is now,

To take their places at the line.

Weakly picking up their blocks,

Carrying the weight of the world.

Trudging towards what,

Feels worse than death.

Crowds cheer from afar,

While those who are white as sheets,

Slowly approach forward.

One word “Set” and,

All at once there is silence,

The only sound,

Is the frantic beating of hearts.

Adrenaline builds and,

Rushes on through their veins.

A deep intake of breath,

And a final prayer.

Eyes open and fixed straight ahead,

At the task set before them.

Waiting, waiting, waiting,

For an eternity.

Then with a single shot,

The silence explodes.

Mad cheering from the spectators,

The pounding of feet taking off.

Run, run, run as they never have before,

No stopping allowed, ever!

Pushing all the way around the curves.

Arms pumping,

Long legs covering the distance.

Around the last bend they go.

Looks of pain,

Bodies going numb.

Barely breathing,

But almost flying.

Trying once again,

To reach the line.

Though the crowds scream on,

They can’t hear a single thing.

All they feel is pain.

All they know is how to run.

All they see is the line.

And when they cross it,

All they feel is victory.