‘The Heart of a Runner:’ part three

A poetry collection by Junior Savannah Hemmer


My last poem, “The Final Mile” was inspired by the Sunday runs I used to do for cross country the day after a meet! I have learned that sometimes these are the best kinds of runs. They allow you to reflect and to think as you run at a steadier and calmer pace. These kinds of runs remind me that it does not end after the race has been won, you have to keep working after to be a successful runner and to achieve the next goal.

The Final Mile

An alarm clock rings,

Too early for a Sunday.

She forces herself out of bed.

Tired and worn down,

From the trials of the night before.

Slowly she ties her shoes,

And reaches for a water.

Heaving a sigh on her way out,

Even though she is going home.

Everything has changed,

The past is the past and,

All around there is silence.

The sun is just peeking over the horizon,

The morning stars fade away.

Slowly she begins,

Muscles tight and aching.

Wishing she was still asleep.

The only thing that keeps her going,

Is dedication and the drive to be better.

Around and around she runs,

Like clockwork.

Making the world turn from night into day,

Racing against the sun itself,

In the final mile left in the race.