Calling all student artists and musicians

Photo by Ethan York

The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled a lot of plans, including for Transy’s art and music students who were set to showcase their hard work throughout the remainder of Winter Term. Even though we can’t be physically present on campus, we would still like to hear and see what you’ve been working on all semester!

Whether you want to share a song you were going to perform from Cabaret, a monologue from the spring play, or if you want to share an expert piece from band, choir or orchestra, or even a solo you were going to perform this semester, we want to provide a platform for all of it to be heard.

We would also like to provide a virtual art gallery for art students! Simply take pictures of what you have worked on this semester and send them to

As a fellow musician, I understand how hard it is to work towards something all semester and never get the chance to perform or showcase whatever it is in an actual space. We would like to provide our student artists and musicians with that space. Please send videos of you performing your pieces to  If the file is too large, simply upload it to your Google Drive and share with the same email address.

Help us showcase Transy excellence during this difficult time and remember that we are still a community, even when we can’t be together.