The Rambler is back: quarantine edition


Dear Rambler Readers,

In this time of a global and nationwide pandemic, it can be easy to forget how resilient we are as a community and as a university. As your student-run newspaper, we want to provide you with accurate reporting during a time when misinformation and competing perspectives are all around us. With that being said, we would like to take the remainder of the academic year to offer entertaining and engaging content to all of our readers. In the coming weeks, we will work to provide exciting content and campus updates to the best of our abilities. Since students have moved back to their residences and campus activities have been postponed, please understand that our content will not be as frequent nor as focused on campus life as per usual. Be on the lookout for our hashtag #RambleOnGratitude on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages!

Thank you for your continued support, especially now.