Triple Threat: Carrick Theatre Hosts the Leo Genovese Jazz Trio


On Sunday, March 17th, Carrick Theater was filled with community members captivated by the jazz stylings of the Leo Genovese Trio. Genovese, a Grammy-winning musician, praised the Grand Falcone piano provided by Transy professor Greg Partain saying “Forget about Europe, Japan, Mars,” it was Lexington that had “the best piano in the world.” 

The pianist was accompanied by upright bassist Francesco Marccoci, from Pisa, Italy, and Ohio’s Jeff Williams on drums. The trio played well, with Leo blowing kisses to Williams after particularly unique songs ended. The trio schmoozed audience members with their stylings, eliciting audible reactions of awe. 

One piece was inspired by a Moroccan melody and another incorporated blues. In addition to the live music, there were paintings by Argentinian artist Hector Beas displayed that added to the meaning of each song. 

Genovese ended the performance thanking the audience for attending and praising his fellow musicians saying, “These guys are total masters.” 

The event was presented by the GreenRoom Exchange, a local non-profit organization dedicated to bringing international, cross-cultural experiences to the Lexington community.