Brien Lewis to Resign as President of Transylvania University; Accept Position as Chancellor of Galactic Senate (April Fools 2024!)


In an unprecedented move that shocked the Transylvania community, on April 1st, 2024, Brien Lewis announced his resignation from the position of university president, effective immediately. This announcement was made via an email sent out to all students, where Lewis acknowledged his appreciation for the Transylvania community and how hard it was to leave, but stated that “the opportunities I have been given are simply too good to pass up.” Said opportunity was an offer from the Senate of the Galactic Republic to serve as chancellor, an especially powerful position in the wake of the granting of emergency powers at the start of the Republican-Separatist conflict that began last year. While Transy has been relatively untouched by the conflict, several Galactic senators recommended Lewis for the position of chancellor due to his clear knowledge of intergalactic politics and experience holding a community together.

Lewis had previously endorsed giving emergency powers to previous chancellor Sheev Palpatine, saying that while he “loved democracy,” the Separatist threats to the liberal arts were simply too great. As for who will be the next president of Transylvania University, Lewis acknowledged the importance of putting a clear successor in place, emphasizing that he wanted to avoid the political tumult that followed what he referred to as “The Tragedy of Seamus Carey the Wise.” While Lewis mentioned that he briefly considered allowing the Transylvania Board of Trustees to accept the duties of president for the remainder of the 2023-24 academic year, Lewis expressed hesitancy in the board’s ability to rule without his guidance, saying “I am the Board of Trustees.” In a surprising move, President Lewis recommended Rambler Co-editor Chief Jack Thomas as the next president. Lewis did not provide any reasons for this recommendation before departing to Coruscant to begin his duties as chancellor. When asked for comment on the recommendation, Thomas was quoted as saying “This was preordained. Print shall inherit the earth.”