SGA Weekly Update: Nov. 9


This week SGA had many project updates as our senators continue to work hard.

In our Academic Affairs committee, senators have been working on constructing Transy’s first honor code. The committee has also scheduled a dinner with Dr. Hauman in the caf Nov. 16 at 5:30, we encourage students to come as professors hardly stay at school after hours. Senators are also currently compiling information on adjunct professors. Students have noticed that we do not have an election day off, so the Academic Affairs committee is going to try to get every four years off in correlation with the presidential elections, if not every year. They are also currently in the midst of organizing a thank you campaign for alumni via recognition.

The Student Affairs committee has successfully communicated with residence life about purchasing new shower curtains for Forrer. Residence Life is currently in the process of assessing each bathroom in Forrer. The committee is also working on creating a new recreational space in Thompson. This project is in its early stages, but there is promise in converting the empty space in Thomson lobby into something that students can use and enjoy. Senators from the Student Affairs committee have talked to physical plant about the maintenance of elevators and physical plant has confirmed that all elevators were checked in September. Senators are also working on the possibility of getting the reusable green containers that are currently found in the Caf into the Raf, possibly even as early as the beginning of next semester.

These weekly updates are authored by Student Government Association senators to inform the Transy community of SGA’s current projects.