Student-run Bad Mouth Theatre Co. produces ‘Constellations’ Friday


From the living room of the North Upper Street house to the stage at the Downtown Arts Center, BadMouth Theatre Company is paving the way for young artists in Lexington. BadMouth opens their first production, ‘Constellations’ by Nick Payne, on Friday, Sep. 9. The production has taken over a year to get here, but it has finally arrived.

BadMouth prides itself on being entirely operated by young artists. Founder, artistic director, and Transy junior Blake Taylor, a Transy junior, and the other “Badmouthians” are currently attending college. With a cast and crew in their early 20’s, much of their initial conversations were held in between classes and late at night in dimly lit dorm rooms.

While the majority of Badmouthians attend Transy, the design team comes from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. BadMouth’s production team (or Badmouthians) consist of Blake Taylor (‘18), Joseph Bahena (‘18), Katie Brewer-Calvert (‘17), Martha White (‘18), Charlotte Stephens (‘18), Levi Kiess and Rebecca Clancy (UofC-CCM).  

In an e-mail interview with Taylor, he shared with us the moment BadMouth was created:

“[Transy junior Joe Bahena and I] were discussing how we wanted to create a collaborative theatrical group with our friends and I simply responded with a ‘Let’s do it,'” he wrote. “I’ve/we’ve found that the real work begins after you decide you are really going to do something with what you have ‘founded.’”

“Where else are you going to get theatre for young adults by young adults?” said Bahena. “That’s the missing piece that many established American regional theatres can’t seem to figure out.”

BadMouth was created in part to fill that void. Taylor adds that he aimed to achieve three things: “Provide my friends and young people alike with a safe space to create and feel supported. Create quality and moving art for the Lexington community.” and, “Have a good time!” In the long term Taylor says, “I want Badmouth to change the face of Lexington Theatre.”

Together these college-aged artists present ‘Constellations,’ starring Griffin Cobb (‘18) and Abigail Hamilton (‘18). BadMouth describes the play as, “…a two-character drama, filled with physics, romance & lots of honey.”

Why should you see ‘Constellations’?

Because this play is about a boy meets girl story turned on its head,” said Bahena in an e-mail interview. “Because this play is sexy. Because this play is romantic. Because this company wants to share this story with our people. You. Me. Us. Because we are the gayest, punkest, dopest, loudest, freakiest bunch of personalities crammed into one small space in downtown Lexington. And who doesn’t want to mouth breathe and share the same air as those kids?”

BadMouth Theatre Company opens ‘Constellations’ by Nick Payne on Sep. 9 and it runs again on Sep. 10, both at 7:30 p.m., and closes on Sep. 11 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 for general admission and $10 for students. Performances are located at the Downtown Arts Center, 141 East Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507.