Sunday, July 14, 2024

To Our Arts and Culture Readers

Hello Rambler readers, Welcome to the Arts and Culture section! Here you’ll find information about arts-related events happening on campus, reviews, artist profiles, and access...

To Our News Readers

Dear readers, The news section of The Rambler is dedicated to informing students of Transylvania University and the people of Lexington, on all matters big...

Letter from the Editor In Chief

Hi Folks, As the term starts back up, we at The Rambler think it’s important to keep our audience updated on all the new developments...

Read Safe Views, our new series on campus safety

Safe Views is a Rambler Commentary Series that explores student perspectives about safety on Transy's campus. You can read the whole series at the...

Series Introduction: Safe Views

The Rambler’s Commentary Section has traditionally been the place where students can make their voices heard, and where the rest of campus will listen...

Editor’s Letter: We’re selling advertisements, and here’s what that means.

Hi folks. Here at The Rambler, we always want to be as transparent with our readers as it's possible to be. Because of that commitment,...

Under the Gun: I dreamed last night I dreamed

And in that sleep, the world was burning under golden flare of paper. Ink ran in shimmering tears, rivulets of past sorrows melting upwards in soft...

Under the Gun: Here’s what I think about when I think about guns.

I remember the first time I thought I was going to be shot. I had come to school late that day, so I didn’t...

Under the Gun: Guest Columnist Rachel Young on guns and our sense of normalcy

Content Warning: 2017 Attack at Transy Last April, I was present during an attack on Transylvania’s campus. While I have mostly recovered from the trauma...

Under the Gun: How Much Longer

Another day Another headline Another body count And I can’t keep track anymore. Too many people Too many lives Have been wrenched away Beaten Crushed Stolen And yet we do nothing We beg And plead And yell And...


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