Sculpture Class Students to Host Art Night


Tomorrow, November 4th, Kurt Gohde’s Intro to Sculpture class will finally get a chance to show off their hard work to friends and family. Open 9:30am to 11:20am in the Shearer Art Building, this miniature gallery is available to anyone who wants to come and see these art students’ projects, and I highly recommend checking it out. All semester, students have worked with multiple new mediums and skills to create these figurines which represent miniature versions of themselves. Building bodies, sewing clothes, felting hands, and creating masks are only parts of this long process, along with photographing themselves with their mini-me’s.

With snacks, refreshments and a chance to talk to the artists themselves, this is a great event to go check out if you have the time Friday morning. Consider stopping by between your classes and support these students for their hard work.