Student Feelings About “Healthy at Transy”


Hello Pios! Beginning on March place on campus that seem like they will 15, Transy made the following never change, including locked doors adjustments to the “Healthy at Transy” guidelines according to our updated Healthy at Transy webpage:

Mask use is encouraged but will be optional in common spaces on campus, such as the Great Hall dining area, residence hall study areas, library, athletic facilities and event spaces.

  • Faculty, staff and students have the right to require continued mask use in their personal spaces, which include classrooms, offices and residence hall rooms.
  • Transylvania requires all students and employees to be fully vaccinated.
  • Students and employees who requested and received an exemption are required to complete ongoing biweekly testing and will be required to quarantine following a known exposure.

This update came as a surprise to those of us on campus after the years of pandemic and the mandates that have come with it. While the mask mandate has changed there are still many COVID protocols in place on campus that seem like they will never change, including locked doors into buildings.

We interviewed students to see how they felt about removing the masks & this is what they said:

Student 1 (Junior): “It’s so weird being on campus without masks! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I like finally seeing everyone’s faces.”

Student 2 (First-Year): “I think that I’m gonna keep wearing my mask out of personal preference. I know that the majority of students and staff have the vaccine, but it still makes me nervous!”

Student 3 (First-Year): “I am SO excited to not be wearing a mask. Last semester was so weird. Coming to college and not knowing what anyone looks like? Crazy!”

Student 4 (Senior): “I’m really hoping for a normal senior year, honestly. I’ve been super worried about getting Covid, but knowing that we have such a high vaccine rate makes me feel so much better about not wearing a mask.”

Student 5 (Sophomore):“Honestly, I am a little conflicted about whether or not to wear a mask! I know Lex is in the green for Covid and I am personally boosted, so that makes me feel better but I still don’t feel completely comfortable taking my mask off yet. Maybe next semester?”

Student 6 (Senior): “I love it! Not wearing a mask makes it much easier to contribute in class and show professors that I am participating through facial expressions and such. I also just love being able to see everyone’s faces again. It also seems like campus is much more lively without having masks on. It’s really amazing how much better my day is when I can share some smiles with the people I walk past.”

Overall, the lessening of COVID restrictions on campus has been coming along nicely, as we can see with the lifted seat restrictions in the caf. I am curious to see how campus changes over May term and in the coming years.