The Kentucky Theater Reopens to the Public

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The Kentucky Theater was one of many businesses hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. After being officially closed in October of 2020, the theater spent nearly two years closed to the public, with constant efforts to raise funds to reopen. As of January 28th of this year, the theater is officially open!

With such a long hiatus, many students at Transy never had the opportunity to visit this gem that lies within walking distance of the school. With a history in cinema dating over 100 years now, the theater boasts a fascinating historic building with art installations commonly adorning certain common areas.

Movie tickets at the Kentucky sell for considerably less than other nearby theaters, with a typical ticket costing less than $8. This theater features a wide variety of films, ranging from new big-budget features, to older classics, to underground independent films.

There are also many other sorts of events hosted at the theater, including a recent screening of the Oscars. There are also often viewings of short films, and they show pictures that encourage audience participation such as on Rocky Horror Picture Show night.

The Kentucky Theater frequently has monthly themes for its showings with this past March being dubbed “March Madness” and featuring a collection of films “featuring the eccentric, the obsessed, and the demented.” The reopening of the Kentucky has offered a wonderful opportunity to Transy students as a unique and inexpensive experience in less than a 20-minute walk from campus.