An In-Depth Look at Darkened Doorsteps


*Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual assault and suicide is present during this piece and the show*

This weekend, February 24-27th, plunge yourself into the world of Darkened Doorsteps. A play written by Transy junior, Scottie Gussler. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Scottie and talk about the writing process they went through as well as the process of seeing the show go from pen to paper and from paper to performance.

I started by asking Scottie how they went about beginning the writing process for Darkened Doorsteps. Scottie explained to me how they began writing plays in high school and discovered their passion for it. However, with Covid and stress on the rise, inspiration ran dry. 

Over this past summer, however, inspiration struck. Scottie explained to me how writer’s block was never really a problem for them since the show was free-flowing and inspiring. After countless, long nights clacking keyboard keys and spamming the space bar as well as the backspace key, a show was born. This show needed a name however, and Scottie was fresh out of ideas.

Scottie would show the play to close, trusted friends and colleagues looking for constructive criticism. Then, Transy Alumni, Eileen Bunch, read the show and stated after reading, “Don’t darken this doorstep.” An idiom that means that you do not want to see someone ever again. Scottie adapted this idiom and came up with the title, Darkened Doorsteps.

This show is completely student-made and performed. Scottie stated that the Theatre Guild was very helpful in making this show come to life. The show will also include an original soundtrack composed by Tammy Ray ‘23 and Ben Sexton ‘22.

Darkened Doorsteps is a surreal, emotional, captivating, and nostalgic feeling show. The theme of escapism is one of the main focuses the show was designed around. Escapism in the form of being able to leave a world of pain for just one second. This show allows the viewer to find a home in those who have had experiences and are willing to provide guidance to get you back on your feet. Scottie gave a very heartwarming quote, “Never let the harsh winter deter you from making it to summer. There is always more to live for.” Stating that if you are looking for your own escape then come see the show, Darkened Doorsteps.

In closing remarks, Scottie wanted to leave some words of advice for anyone wanting or even thinking of writing their own show: “No idea is a bad idea. It’s what makes your style yours. Draw from other sources but remember to be true to who you are. Send it to others who you trust and get their constructive criticism. And do not be afraid of opposition, everyone has their own opinions. You are allowed to take some critiques and not others. If they don’t help you, pitch them.” Scottie and everyone involved with Darkened Doorsteps are very excited to share this captivating theatre experience with you and can’t wait to see you there.

Showtimes Thursday – Saturday, Feb. 24-26 at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 27 at 2 p.m. in Little Theater.