Construction on Old Morrison Steps


For the class of 2022, the last few years at Transy have been out of the ordinary to say the least. With practically a year and a half online, three different cafeterias, never having a full year with an open campus center until they began moving off campus, one and a half years without music or theater, two and a half years without study abroad, a year without may term, the detrimental effects of the online year making connections with professors and administration difficult, and much much more. Now, the seniors have gained an excitement towards graduation while looking back on our time at Transy with compulsory rose-colored glasses.

However, construction on the steps of Old Morrison is set to begin shortly. This looming construction means that the 2022 commencement ceremony (graduation), will most likely be moved from its traditional place on the steps of Old Morrison.

After everything the class of 2022 has had the perseverance to get through, I do not believe those individuals in charge should feel justified in taking away the senior’s final right of passage.

Graduation should not be held on the steps of Beck or in a campus center the class of 2022 hasn’t known. However, it should also not take place in front of a big chain link fence and caution tape even if it were possible to keep graduation near Old Morrison. Furthermore, the inconsistency of the information being provided to students about the timeline is frustrating and simply unfair. 

While it is true that the steps need some work, the structural issues do not need immediate attention. The construction can and should be postponed until after the class of 2022 has taken our rightful place on the steps of Old Morrison clad in caps and gowns. 

If you feel the same way, please come to the sit-in in Alumni Plaza today at 4:30 held by SGA and the Rambler student newspaper. 

We deserve to have our opinions heard!