Tips for Finals Week and How to Avoid Burnout


It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year!

Finals week!

Not to worry, I’m here with several tips and tricks to (hopefully) avoid burnout and ease stress levels during this most glorious occasion.

  1. First and foremost, the most important thing is sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep every night the week(s) leading up to finals will significantly lower stress levels and help you retain more information. If you’re having trouble winding down and going to sleep try Chamomile tea or my personal favorite, Yogi’s Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea, or just a couple episodes of the Office or New Girl to decompress before going to sleep.

2. Have a good balance between studying on your own and in groups.

Studying alone really allows you to work on what you specifically need to work on, there’s also fewer distractions, and there’s no need to try to work around everyone’s schedules so you can study at a time that’s most effective for you. It’s also important to try and balance this with studying with peers. This is because studying in groups can increase motivation by talking to other people and it gives you the opportunity to hear others’ thoughts on concepts and test your own understanding. Having a balance between the two will allow you to get the most comprehension out of studying.

3. Change it up!

Sitting at your desk for hours on end studying multiple subjects can cause burnout very fast. Changing up your studying locations can do wonders for your memorization skills and retention. Maybe spend a little bit of time studying in your room and then go to Third Street Stuff or North Lime for some coffee and a different feel. Then maybe go to the library, or one of the study rooms in either the campus center on your dorm. There’s no shortage of places on campus and nearby that are great studying locations. If it happens to be nice outside, one of my personal favorites is Alumni Plaza, getting outside is so important. Getting a good amount of Vitamin D on a daily basis will further help prevent burnout and seasonal depression. So change it up!

4. Incentivize yourself!

Especially with the holidays coming up there are so many movies, tv shows, and activities that are fun to participate in. In order to prevent burnout, reward yourself for finishing assignments, or for studying for a certain period of time with something that you want to do. This could be an episode of your favorite tv show for every page or two you write for a paper, a movie night or another activity with your friends if you spend a good amount of time studying during the day, or even reward yourself with going out to get a nice lunch or coffee with a friend. Having things to look forward to while working on things that aren’t exactly fun will really help to prevent you from burning out in the process.


5. Listen to your body!

Physical symptoms of stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in many, many different ways, especially around finals. It’s so important to know how your body reacts to stress and anxiety and when you need to take a break. Choosing to take a break when you need one is a lot better than having to take a break for even longer because you made yourself sick. This also includes eating. Take time out of your day to make sure you’re eating three meals and drinking enough water to stay healthy and hydrated. Doing these simple things will help you to stay as healthy and motivated as possible!

SAB will also be hosting Stress Fest from December 1-6 with different activities and treats for finals!

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