Crimson Christmas brings holiday spirit to the Living Arts and Science Center


Crimson Christmas embodies everything that the holiday season is about: family, friends, traditions of all kinds, and giving back to the community. The 28th annual Crimson Christmas was held on Saturday, Dec. 7 at the Living Arts and Science Center. Through the help of so many dedicated volunteers, the young members of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Lexington branch were given a taste of holiday cheer. In the past, the event has been held in Transy’s now demolished campus center gym, but construction this year allowed for a new and exciting space for the festivities. The Living Arts and Science Center, located on North Martin Luther King Boulevard, proved to be the perfect amount of interaction for the energetic audience. Besides exploring the varieties of living creatures and educational exhibits within the space, there were also craft stations and snacks galore. The children made ginger bread houses and ornaments among other holiday memorabilia. Later in the afternoon, Santa Claus and Mrs. Pots arrived all the way from the North Pole to read holiday stories, sing a jolly tune, and, of course, surprise the children with some presents. I myself was lucky enough to be the buddy for three curious children.

The Living Arts and Science Center’s environment kept even the most energetic of the children entertained and the educational aspects allowed for them to explore their interests. Of my three buddies, one wanted to explore all the animal related content, one wanted to get crafty, and one was just along for the ride. There was something for everyone! While seeing the joy on the children’s faces always makes this event worth everything in my eyes, I love seeing the faces of the guardians when they see all the work put into this event. When a child sees Santa and their face lights up, when they are proud of a craft they made, or (in the case of one of my buddies) when they take a cool picture they want to share, the guardians of the child share in that joy. Crimson Christmas is a wonderful way for us from Transy to show the community how much we value them and though we are in the height of finals season, this event helps us to remember to look beyond ourselves and to remember the true meaning of the holiday season.