Transy student organizes Christmas surprise for Gratz Perk workers

Photo by Sloan Cromwell

The end of the semester is often a stressful time for Transy students, and it can be easy to forget the people around campus who make finals season a little bit better. Senior Meredith Moir decided to start a fundraiser for Janae Heard and Yenfer Gamez a month ago, both of who work in the campus coffee shop, Gratz Perk, and are always there to greet customers. Moir said that Heard and Gamez inspired her to start this fundraiser, “because of their hard work and dedication that they exemplify each and every day.” She continued, “After finding out that Gratz Perk would now be open on Saturdays, I soon realized that this required them to be working six to seven days. They both have families at home so I know it is probably extremely hard to be away from them so much. I felt like it was our duty as a community to give back to them because they do so much for us students and in general the entire Transylvania community.”

Moir sees them as a special part of the Transy community and said that they always brighten her day. “The best part of my day is when I go to Gratz Perk to get my morning coffee. No matter what mood I am in both Janae and Yenfer have a warm smile on their faces and always ask each person how they are doing. Most of us have formed a relationship with them and are able to have great conversations about anything! They are always willing to help out and will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied. Gratz Perk would not be the same without Janae and Yenfer. We are so lucky to have them as a part of our community.”

The fundraising to give both Janae and Yenfer the ultimate Christmas gift began a month ago, and Moir soon found that lots of other students also felt that the women were an important part of the Transy community. “Everyone has been so helpful and excited to do this for them. When I first reached out about how I wanted to give back to them, I received so many messages from students asking how they could donate and if I was going to be on campus so that they could meet me and talk about it! I have people reaching out to me asking if we have met our goal! It just goes to show how important and tight our community is because each and every person wants to help and uplift the people who are there for us every day. This is truly what makes Transylvania so amazing” said Moir.

Moir decided that she would reveal the surprise to Heard and Gamez on Friday, December 6, the last day of classes. Watch the heartwarming video below taken by senior Sloan Cromwell to see their reactions!