To Our Sports Readers

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Dear Rambler Sports readers,

With myself recently being named our new Sports Editor, we feel it would be appropriate to offer some insight as to what direction and overall vision I have for your Sports section.

To put it simply we want to emphasize the human element of sports and offer further knowledge about the game than just game summaries and statistics. Transylvania has its own website dedicated to summarizing the events and providing statistics on our athletic programs. Instead of duplicating the website, we want to explain what happened and offer a few important statistics, but go much more in depth as to what these mean and how they affect the grand scheme of our program.

Along with that, we want to provide more knowledge about the athletes and this semester are looking into providing interviews with coaches and players so we here in the “Transy bubble” will know the athletes as more than just what they do in action.

We also wish to offer more of an unfiltered vibe than you can get from other sites who simply follow games. We will not sacrifice integrity, but I feel there is no issue in bringing attention to a controversial call or questionable situation surrounding the event as long as we have some basis and it has considerable impact on the game.

The sports section will attempt to get at least one story on all of our programs, but will choose to offer more stories based on our readers opinions, popularity of the sport, and current success of the program.

Overall, your section will include a combination of previews, explainers, and in-house knowledge you can only get from students on campus.

As always, your feedback is always appreciated to us at the Rambler sports section.

Aaron Bell




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I am sophomore premedical neuroscience major at Transylvania University. I have served as the sports editor of the Rambler since January of 2019. Outside of school, I enjoy snow skiing, watching movies, volunteering at the Catholic Action Center, and attending church at 1st Methodist.