Photo Gallery: The Rafeteria

Photo by Gabby Crooks

Still nervous about your first trip to the Raf-Caf? Rafeteria? Cafeteria in the Raf?

With scary stories circling campus about the never ending lines and lack of forks, it can be hard to work up the courage and patience to embark on your quest to quell your hunger problem. These pictures show the Raf-Caf for what it is, a friendly place with all of the same food from the Caf, just in a new location. While some may dislike the fact that food is no longer a few steps from the dorms, having a place to eat so close to classes (with more food options than the Raf had) is becoming ever-more convenient. Plus, if things seem to crowded during that peak lunch hour, there are additional seating rooms down the hall, which are pictured here.

Not to mention how nice it is to feel no apprehension in spending all your dining dollars at Jazzman’s, instead of saving them for The Raf and late-night Caf.

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