Letter from the Editor In Chief

Photo by Gabby Crooks

Hi Folks,

As the term starts back up, we at The Rambler think it’s important to keep our audience updated on all the new developments and projects that we’ll be working on this semester. We’ve got some really fantastic new projects coming up, and I hope you’ll find them vital parts of your media habits.

First, I want to introduce three new members of our editorial team. I’m incredibly excited that I’ll be able to share all the wonderful work that they’re going to do with The Rambler this year, and for years to come. Our News Editor is Allison Spivey, our Sports & Health Editor is Aaron Bell, and our Arts & Culture Editor is Grace Morrison. All three of them are tremendously talented first year students, and I can tell you that The Rambler will be in excellent hands for the foreseeable future.

In our News section, we’re going to be building up a data journalism operation that will allow us to tell big stories about campus life and culture. This is a project that News Editor Allison Spivey has been working on for several months, and we’re in the last phase of data-gathering for it. The results, while not yet conclusive, promise to be illuminating.

In our Sports & Health section, Editor Aaron Bell is aiming to develop an holistic view of Transy sports programs, with an emphasis on the human element. Sports journalism is often dominated by recitations of statistics and arguments over obscure rule changes, and so we want to offer something different—and something, we think, that’s more in keeping with the deals of a liberal arts institution.

In our Arts & Culture section, Editor Grace Morrison will be bringing a robust staff and developed critical eye to all parts of the artistic life of campus. The Arts & Culture section will serve as a place for student perspectives on art, entertainment, and cultural activities of all kinds to be heard and respected.

All of our editors have written their own letters, which you can read on this site that will tell you more about their plans for the semester. Suffice it for me to say that each of them bring extraordinary vision and commitment to The Rambler.

Finally, the big ticket item. Because we believe that The Rambler should be a platform for all different kinds of student discussion and student culture, we’re launching The Rambler Gallery. This will be a fully online, multimedia platform for student art here at Transy, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. We’re launching the Gallery this week with half a dozen works of visual art by student artists, including our new Arts & Culture Editor, the magnificent Grace Morrison. As the Gallery expands, we plan to include poetry, fiction, music, video and audio art, and multimedia projects that speak directly to the tremendous pool of artistic talent and inspiration that Transy student express every day.

We’re going to do some incredible things this semester. I hope you’ll be as excited as I am when you see them.

Tristan Reynolds

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Tristan Reynolds is a Politics, Philosophy, & Economics major, with minors in History and Spanish. He has been with The Rambler since his freshman year. Among his other activities, including serving on the Transylvania Student Judicial Board and writing for UnderMain magazine, he writes stage plays and composes orchestral, choral, & chamber music.