To Our News Readers

Photo by Gabby Crooks

Dear readers,

The news section of The Rambler is dedicated to informing students of Transylvania University and the people of Lexington, on all matters big and small. Whether looking for campus news or news on a broader spectrum, The Rambler has it all. With the new semester beginning be sure to keep an eye out for news on the construction of the campus center and student’s feelings on everything pertaining to it. However, what else is in store for this semester can’t possibly be predicted. Events on and off campus are constantly occurring and The Rambler’s team of news reporters are never far behind. The Rambler news section will be consistently putting out new content and giving more in depth details on subjects important to the people of Transy.

Also in store for this semester is a long term multiple story project involving the way students really feel about the campus community as a whole. This relates to whether there are enough places on campus to hang out or do homework. Also, if students feel welcome on such a small campus. This story is so important because it will relate to virtually every student’s feelings somehow. The Rambler is dedicated to making sure that students feel like they have a voice in some capacity. Whether it’s through interviews on aspects of campus or profiles on students who are dedicated to their commitments of sports, theater, or music.

The Rambler news section has stories that everyone would enjoy. Now’s the time to browse through and get caught up on the happenings on and around campus.

Allison Spivey