Rambler Blog & Playlist: January 11th

Art by Moira Hedrick

Hey Y’all!

Happy 2019 and congrats on surviving your first week back at Transy! I know it’s tough, but we’ll get through it together, and Spring Break will be here before you know it! I’ve decided to alter the blog and playlist to step up the look for 2019 by adding some music videos instead of a boring, one-dimensional playlist. Don’t forget, you can always send suggestions my way at tmahlinger20@transy.edu!

This music video is the latest smash hit by new artist, DaniLeigh! She’s a singer-songwriter from Miami with a talent for dancing too! This fun, upbeat song has a video that’s just as lively, and creates a good vibe for your week!

This song and video are by no means brand new, but I’m loving the vibe at the moment and figured it would be a good addition to the playlist since it’s such a good 2019 mood.

Here’s the latest from Kehlani with “Nights Like this” ft. Ty Dolla $ign. This video was just released yesterday and is currently #6 on YouTube’s trending music videos! This video has syfy movie vibes, so be sure to watch until the end!

There’s rumors Khalid might be dropping a new album soon which is something we all want since we’ve been teased with these chill singles like “Better” recently. This video has some interesting scenes, especially with Khalid standing and then sitting in the middle of cars that are driving around lots of different ways at high speeds. You’re slightly concerned about his safety for a good minute or so, but this video is definitely worth the watch.

Keep it real,


Arts events are few and far between this week since everything’s just getting started for Winter Term 2019, but the few that we do have are exciting!

Tuesday, January 15th @7:30pm, MFA Carrick Theater

Join the music students from Fall Term 2018 as they perform in the Honors Recital!

Wednesday, January 16th @12pm, MFA Morlan Gallery 

Data, Mine is the Morlan Gallery’s newest exhibit that features work by Laurie Frick and Hasan Elahi that focuses on the artists’ relationship with data.