Are You Transy Field Hockey’s Newest Recruit?

Courtesy of Logan Fogle

Last week, many of you received an email recruiting you to play a sport you probably have never played in your life. That sport would be field hockey, and don’t worry, you weren’t the only one. If you received an email last week asking you to fill out a recruiting form, you’re in good company. The email went out to roughly 300,000 other people across the world.

While this was undoubtedly the result of a simple email mishap, it did make for quite the relatable moment for all of us who rely so heavily on technology. Everyone has hit reply all or sent a text to the wrong person before. Maybe not one that went out to over a quarter of a million people, but at the very least this made for some funny replies from people all across the globe.

There was a 73-year-old man who received the recruitment email and decided to write a reply. He said he still has remaining eligibility and that we should give him a shot. Before we get too carried away, it’s only fair that he comes in for a tryout so we can see his stick skills and his 40-yard dash time. If he’s got game, I say sign him up.

Another email was from a parent who has a son in high school who is awaiting emails from college coaches. The parent expressed gratitude for a college coach finally reaching out. This probably wasn’t the email the son wanted, or received because it was sent to the parent, but to that kid we say there is plenty of room for you to be a Pioneer. You just probably won’t be a member of the field hockey team.

Audrey Denham, a current junior on the team, wanted to express gratitude to her coaching staff for being so open-minded and inclusive. She said, “Well, I was kind of surprised that I was getting recruited again, which was pretty exciting. It’s an honor to be a part of a team that wants to include all of Transy and all of America.”

While Denham was thankful, there were some students at Transy who were slightly annoyed with the whole thing. They weren’t annoyed that they received the email. In fact they were bothered that they didn’t receive the email. Senior Charli Odenwelder stated, “I didn’t get the email and I was so offended. I have friends at Indiana University who got it and I actually go here.” Hang in there, Charli. Maybe field hockey just isn’t for you.

Any way you chop it up, Transylvania Field Hockey is now on the map. In fact, it’s all over the map. If everyone who received the email signed up to come to our esteemed university, we would be the first college to have over 300,000 students at one time. There’s a first time for everything, and hey, we are after all the Pioneers.