Weekly SGA Update: November 15, 2017


Funding Requests—Nanhao Chen

  • Culinary Club
    • Asking for $86.15
    • Funds will cover supplies needed to bake cookies during finals week
    • Will be making 40 cookies
    • Funding granted

Student Affairs—Mark Sirianno

  • Located printer to be placed in MFA
    • IT willing to set this up
  • Looking at the possibility of replacing Forrer shower curtains
    • Most of them are too small, gross, not up to par
  • Working on getting more staplers to be placed on residential side

Academic Affairs—Lauren Gilbert

  • Senator Gilbert met with Dean Bryan
  • Would students be interested in having conversations on race and diversity? If yes, how do they want them? Dean Bryan has funding to bring lecturers, but she is trying to gauge student interest!
    • Percentage of international students is much lower than that of Centre’s
    • International students have been historically huge financial scores for universities across the country
    • Multiculturalism is not stressed enough in liberal arts campuses
    • Broad question to be asked – Do we want to have conversations about diversity and race
  • Faculty appreciation brunch to be held (tentatively) February 18th, 2018
    • Sodexo to offer them half off prices for their brunch