Students react to President Carey’s departure announcement.

Photo by Gabrielle Crooks.

President Seamus Carey’s decision to step down from his position was a major shock to students. When the email describing the change came out, it was the main topic of conversation on campus amidst impending summer break and graduation.

While many students seem indifferent to his departure, the majority of the student body is very sad to see their president leave after all of the amazing things he has done for the campus itself and the community that has been built on it. Sophomore Perry Sykes said, “I don’t think I’ll notice that he’s gone. If you put a line up of men in front of me, there’s no way I could pick which one he is.”

Senior Thomas Shellenberg said that “as a central figure, I’ve loved what Carey stood for in terms of work ethic, acceptance, and tolerance. He had many choices to make during his time here whether dealing with fund allocation, prioritization, or more serious instances of terror or hate. During those situations, I was very confused how Transy would bounce back, but Carey handled things in a way that made me have more confidence in Transy.”

On the other hand, some students do not have strong feelings about Carey stepping down as they have never felt connected to him in any way. Sophomore Caroline Hawk said that “university presidents usually don’t really have that many interactions with students, so I really don’t blame him for wanting to be with his family in New York”.

With Carey leaving, students have high hopes for the person who will be taking his position.

“As I exit Transy, I’d ask for a few things from a president. As a small school, communication and correspondence with leaders on campus is huge. Students deserve someone who gives honest answers and options to their concerns and motives. Additionally, reinforcing the goal of tolerance and diversity is a foundational principle of Transy. Especially in rough political times, those of all backgrounds and opinions deserve representation and acknowledgement. Transy must embrace all opinions because we are able to grow and learn as liberally educated individuals” said Shellenberg.