Get Sprung: Five Kentucky Spring Break Options


Whoa! This semester is going by quick, am I right? Yes? No? Maybe? Well whatever your answer may be, spring break has finally arrived smack dab in the middle of the semester! Whether you plan on staying in for a whole week straight, watching Netflix, playing video games, or sleeping for the length of the break, there are plenty of fun options outside the ole’ home around the state.

  1. Red River Gorge & Natural Bridge

One of the many favorite outdoor activities when the weather gets warm, hiking! While there are many options for hikers in Kentucky, both Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge are close by Lexington to visit. Not only are they close by, but the parks themselves are only a few miles apart. They are located a few minutes from Stanton, Kentucky which is only about 45 minutes from Lexington. These two places are a spectacular trip that could be visited in a single day if you have the energy to get your body moving!

  1. Bourbon Trace Distillery

Assuming you are of age and you like bourbon, or maybe you just like learning about Kentucky history, the Bourbon Trace Distillery is a landmark of a business that flourished in the state. This distillery is one of the most famous in the world, and many who live here in Kentucky don’t even know it exists! As someone who has personally been there and toured, I can say it was both a fun and educational experience about the ancestry of Kentucky.

  1. Newport Aquarium

Newport is an awesome town just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio! That alone could be a reason to visit, but the focused fame of Newport is its aquarium. It is known by many Kentuckians as a place you might have been taken as a kid or took a possible field trip to it in school. It is the nearest aquarium to Lexington, as Newport is only an hour and a half away, and is an extraordinary trip for a group of friends or a family who love seeing fish!

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park

The most historic park of Kentucky, dedicated to the country as a National Park. You can hike and camp as well as tour the caves! After all, Mammoth Cave is one of the longest cave systems in the entire world! Why not take a trip to find out what natural wonders await you in what the rivers and waterfalls carved long ago? Coincidently, it is located right outside Park City, Kentucky. It is a little further than other daytrip destinations from Lexington, clocking in around two hours for the drive time. However, in the end, it is worth the trip as it is a historical landmark and spectacle to see!

  1. The Louisville Zoo

The zoo is known to be a classic leisure activity, because who doesn’t love to see animals? Well maybe some people aren’t so keen with seeing exotic animals, but how about you? Located in the northwestern part of the state, the Louisville Zoo is a cheap and fun way to go and see animals that you wouldn’t normally get to see! That statement is an obvious one, as it is a zoo! Anyway, why not bring all your friends or family for a cool trip to see and interact with animals while also supporting a state business!

Whatever you choose to do with your spring break this semester, just keep in mind that there are all these options and so many more in the state of Kentucky!