International students cherish items from home


5. Pearl Udahemuka. Rwanda.

Udahemuka wraps herself in the Rwandan flag. As she says, the flag serves as a “constant reminder that it’s where I belong and that I should do what I’m doing here and return.”

4. Sylvie Biruta. Rwanda.

“It’s important to have something that reminds you of home because it grounds you, and it’s a constant reminder of why you’re here in school to have the necessary resources and education,” said Biruta. The currency she holds is from Rwanda, and since she uses it everyday back home, it serves as a reminder.

3. Adriaan Engelbrecht. South Africa.

Engelbrecht sports a beanie for a Rugby team back home. As he explains, “Rugby is a massive part of South African, and primarily Afrikaans, culture. Afrikaans, as a culture and people, is dying out. But support for the Springboks is something we all share around the world. “

2. Tarah Inema. Rwanda.

Inema sits in front of the Rwandan national flag. Inema described the importance of the flag, stating, “The flag says that wherever I am, I represent my country.”

1. Benita Nzamuye. Rwanda.

The headwrap Nzamuye wears is a reminder of home and family for her. “The African headwrap has different names, and in my country we refer to it as igitambara. This headwrap has different cultural and spiritual meanings to African and African American women. It gives me a sense of identity and pride. I don’t wear it often because it was a special gift from my grandmother, but when I do, I think about her and feel her presence,” says Nzamuye.