5 Things I’ve Learned in my First Month of College


Freshman year is a time for adjusting, meeting new people, and transitioning into adulthood. It is full of anxiety, fear, and panic, but it is also full of excitement, new friends, and many new experiences. I’m no expert yet, I’ve only been in school for 5 weeks, but I’ve already gone through so much that it feels like a lifetime ago I was living at home instead of at Transy. Here is just a glimpse of the few things I’ve learned in the past month:

1.You are not alone.


Coming into this year, I knew nobody. I was terrified of meeting people, and living on my own. The first thing I figured out is that you are NEVER alone. You’re surrounded by upperclassmen that have gone through what you’re going through, or by other freshman that are going through exactly the same thing as you. Since everyone is in the same boat, all you have to do is be yourself (as cliché as it sounds) and you’ll find people that you’ll instantly connect with. Meeting new people, and making these relationships has definitely been one of the most uplifting parts of being here, and learning that I am not in this alone.

2. Homesickness is real.


Although you will find your people, and college keeps you busy enough to distract you from anything related to your home, you will experience some form of homesickness in the first month. Whether you’re missing your friends, your family, or even your dog, everyone misses something, and that is alright. Missing something only makes you treasure it more when you have it. I’m from the middle of no where, so moving to Lexington was a big adjustment, and I find myself missing the open fields and beautiful sunsets every day, but being away from it makes it that much more special when I go home.

3. Time-Management is Key.

With all the clubs, classes, sports, friends, and other things that happen on a college campus, learning to manage time is beyond important. I haven’t even figured this out yet. I constantly realize that I have something to do every night or every morning, and even on the weekend, you never get a break. It feels like my life has been on full-blast since I got here August 12th, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s exhilarating getting to experience so many different things in such a short amount of time. It gets difficult, and sometimes I nap multiple times a day, but never knowing what to expect out of each week is one of my favorite parts about being here.

4. College is not as intimidating as your high school teachers made it out to be.

If you went to a school like mine, teachers always drilled it in your head that college was going to be the hardest experience of your life, that your professors would hate you unless you were a perfect student, and that your social life would be nonexistent. Now, I understand that those seem to be extreme circumstances, but when my teachers were telling me these things, I was petrified. Since being at Transy, though, I’ve quickly realized those are not the cases. Everyone is welcoming, and understanding that this is your first go about at college. They do have higher standards than what you’re used to in high school, and you definitely have to put forth more effort in homework and studying, but college is nothing to be intimidated by. You just need to make sure you’re prepared. Even if it’s something small like having high quality office supplies ready for your lectures and assignments, it could help you to put more effort into your work, especially as you’ll have everything you need to get going. Preparation during this transition is key. It’s obviously a major adjustment, but coming in scared does nothing but make the transition harder than it needs to be.

5. Even when you’re thrown into a foreign place, there is comfort in the community.

College can be a scary place. You feel like you’re all alone, you don’t have mom and dad there to take care of you, and life is way different than anything you could’ve imagined, but the good thing about it is that everyone is there for one common purpose. Here at Transy, it is clear to see that community is important to everyone. College is meant to feel like your home away from home, and what I’ve learned so far is that Transy is definitely one of the best places to be living on my own. It is full of people that are wanting me to succeed and become immersed in the community.