What’s Brewing in Lexington? Reviewing Cafés Around Transylvania

Co-written by Lyra Duffy and Brenna Clark

There are so many coffee shops in our beautiful city of Lexington, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to get your coffee. It’s hard to go wrong when going out for coffee; however, different cafés cater to different needs! 

Old School Coffee is very adorable; it feels like the right spot to go after a farmer’s market trip. Built in an old school building, the beautiful blue building, which houses other offices inside, has tons of character. It is about a seven-minute drive or a twenty-minute walk from campus. Due to their two-hour seating limit, this may not be the best place to work on homework. The atmosphere is great, with warm lighting and lots of plants. They host a decent range of baked goods, with cookies dominating the menu. We ordered the drink of the week, an orange chocolate latté with oat milk, with the total coming out at $6.15. We thought it was pretty good, and appreciated how fun the flavor was! 

Manchester Coffee has a sleek, modern, minimalist vibe with lots of open space. An anonymous source described the atmosphere of the cafe by saying “If I had to make a spreadsheet, this would be a great place to do it.” This coffee shop atmosphere wasn’t our favorite, but it may be a great fit for you! This is a great place to get schoolwork done, and there are nice windows with many seating options! We ordered a lavender peppercorn latte with oat milk totaling $6.25. The latte was good, but sadly their signature lavender peppercorn flavor was not there. We also ordered a matcha, which was fantastic! This coffee shop is a seven-minute drive from campus and about a twenty-five-minute walk. It may be best to visit on weekends or days when you have extra time to make the trip. 

The Kentucky Native Cafe was a fun and unique place to visit. It is filled with plants and is located inside a greenhouse! This cafe feels much more like a restaurant. They have a rotating menu of great food as well as alcoholic beverages. We ordered a vanilla latte, which totaled $4.25. Although it was very simple, we thoroughly enjoyed it and hanging out with all the plants! This cafe is about an eight-minute drive or thirty-three-minute walk from campus. We highly recommend this fun spot!

Last but certainly not least, we have our one and only Third Street Stuff! This is, of course, a known favorite, but we had to include it. Third Street has so much character and an amazing atmosphere. We are regulars! We love doing our school work here, and while at the store, you are bound to run into another student from Transy. A personal favorite is the iced lavender vanilla matcha with oat milk, which usually ends up being around $5. The great part about Third Street is that they also have a great selection of baked goods and foods and even a sandwich called The Transy. In addition, they have a very cute array of little goodies, such as funky socks, bags, books, journals, earrings, and more. This gem is only a six-minute drive and a ten-minute walk from campus! If you have never been to Third Street, go as soon as you can! 

These are all the reviews for now, but we are excited to potentially continue reviewing coffee shops. Please let us know if you have any suggestions by using The Rambler’s Recommendation Box on our Instagram. Send us the cafés you want us to review!