Transy MSA Celebrates World Hijab Day


On February 1st, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) provided the campus community with two events celebrating World Hijab Day. Founded by Nazma Khan in 2013, the worldwide event is dedicated to educating and showing support for Muslim women and girls who choose to wear the hijab. 

MSA invited individuals to experience wearing a hijab with a try-on event. Transy Junior & MSA Vice President Sarah Ahmad supplied the try-on event with many of her hijabs ranging in color and fabric. Ahmad commented on the reason she wears one, saying, “In Islam, the hijab is seen as something that’s modest, but you’re also doing it for God. Personally, for me, it feels very empowering – Walking and everyone knowing that I’m Muslim and that I’m able to represent Muslims in a good way.”

Later in the day, MSA hosted a presentation and panel discussion surrounding the hijab and its significance to those who wear it. Panel members included Ahmad, UK Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies Dr. Ghadir Zannoun, and community member Saphia Isa. All panel members agreed that their hijab is an external symbol of empowerment.  

Regarding challenges that hijabis face in the United States, Sophia Isa responded that it isn’t about where she lives but rather the “political atmosphere that is oppressing me from doing what I have to do.”  

When asked how Transy students can show their support outside of World Hijab Day, Ahmad replied, “Come to MSA! Try to educate yourself if you do hold any misconceptions about Islam. Please don’t keep them. Try to change them.”

Transy sophomore and MSA Secretary and Faith Relations Chair Fatou Bojang added that she’s happy to be a part of MSA to “spread more knowledge about Islam and help people learn more about our religion.”

MSA’s next meeting is in the multicultural center on February 15th at 5 pm. You can follow them on Instagram @transy_msa for more information and learn more about the movement of raising awareness of the hijab here.