Rocky Horror at the Kentucky Theater: A Longstanding Tradition


On Saturday, October 28th, the Kentucky Theatre hosted its monthly performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you don’t already know, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic 1975 horror musical. At the Kentucky Theatre, this is more than a movie– its a live performance by a cast of shadow actors from the Master’s Affairs theater group, which adds an immersive and interactive element to the Rocky Horror experience. If it is your first time seeing the show live, you’re labeled a “virgin.” Before the show, cast members run around to make sure all of the virgins get the letter V written on their forehead in red lipstick. The performers act out scenes from the movie on stage as they play out on the big screen, and take their liberties with their performance. The crowd throws props, such as toilet paper and playing cards, that coincide with certain moments from the film. The cast members interact with the crowd both before and during the film, running through the isles of the theater. There are many long-standing traditions with Rocky Horror, including audience members yelling out cheers and silly jokes throughout the production. The show that occurred on Saturday night was a special Halloween edition. Audience members came dressed in costumes, and many dressed up as characters from the film. Seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Kentucky Theater is one of the finest local traditions Lexington has to offer.