“It’s On Us”: The Student-led Push for Sexual Assault Awareness on Campus

Image of Carpenter Academic Center, by Casey Casey

It’s On Us is a newly revamped student-led organization fighting to build a movement to combat campus sexual assault by engaging all students and organizing grassroots awareness and prevention educational programs. 

Members meet bi-monthly to facilitate open discussions and lessons to promote the combatance of campus sexual assault. Transylvania’s smaller campus encourages students to get involved, and many members are also members of other campus organizations. Mere Johnson ’24 suggests this only further promotes the “spread of awareness”, combatting the stigmas surrounding sex education on campuses nationwide. 

All students are welcome to the meetings and events It’s On Us hosts. He organization previously hosted a Twilight “Red Flag” event with a screening that included some press-to-talk buttons highlighting the hefty amount of red flags shown in the film. Anything that did not meet the It’s On Us standard got the buzz, helping students visualize and educate themselves about the abusive relationships they see commonly portrayed in media.

It’s On Us will be posting updates on their upcoming events and meetings on their Instagram page (@transy_itsonus), providing inclusive ways to educate and debunk stigmas on the different topics they explore every week. Their next meeting will be on November 8th in the Campus Center, and if you’re interested in being involved in an inclusive campus community, It’s On Us hopes to see you there.