For Whom The Garden Toils

Photo by Caroline Host

The Conservation Action Committee (CAC) has recently restarted the garden off Bourbon Avenue. The garden project began during the winter term of last school year, with students spending the day in the Shearer Art Building preparing soil for the seeds to be nurtured in and grown during the semester and summer months.

The CAC was created after a previous conservation committee disbanded. Thus, the Conservation Action Committee was created to be more active on campus, with this garden being a new goal for its members. The committee also hosted a Tree Week event last week and plans to go on many nature hikes throughout the school year. CAC is spearheaded by President Megan Studer, Vice President Morgan Hardigree, Treasurer Max Hankins, and Garden Keeper Sophia Del Val.

The goal for the garden, according to Del Val, is “to create a garden that grows thriving plants and allows for students to enjoy a place in nature.” Currently, the ground is being prepared for planting to be done in the winter semester, with members of the CAC participating in the process of tending the garden and trying to bring beauty and nature back to campus.

 The plan for the harvest is for the crops to be sold in local farmers’ markets, with profits going towards CAC’s budget for the garden and other projects. CAC is also planning on working with other student organizations to make use of the products and distribute them to the campus community.

If any reader is interested in helping CAC with the garden or other projects toward making the campus more environmentally friendly, you can contact Sophia Del Val ( for more information.

Photo credit: Caroline Host (