The Sickness


Written by Josie Grant and Kelsie Hughes

Hello Transylvania University students, staff, and avid readers! Have you recently been feeling really under the weather? You wouldn’t be the only one! Around campus, there has been some sort of sickness going around.

Some may say, “Hey! It’s fall! These are just your run-of-the-mill seasonal allergies!” But we dare to ask… “Are you sure?”

This sickness isn’t like anything we have seen before! We both have personally experienced this newfound illness and it definitely isn’t your average yearly allergies. Something about “the sickness” is a little more intense than that. That being said, some may also think COVID-19. Consistent negative test results prove this theory wrong!

To check into this new phenomenon closer, we interviewed various students around campus:

Student 1 (First Year): “My roommate and I both had the sickness. I don’t know what it could be. It doesn’t feel like anything I’ve had before.”

Student 2 (First Year): “Every single year I get allergies when the weather changes. But I was much sicker this year than ever before. I don’t know what it is. It’s not my typical allergies or the flu and I tested negative for Covid.”

Student 3 (Sophomore): “Typically, you get the ‘frat flu’ as a first year. First years in a new place with new people and therefore new sicknesses. That being said though, I had this new “sickness” and it didn’t feel at all like the ‘frat flu’ I had last year.”

Still curious what “the sickness” could be, well so are we! However, until we figure it out, make sure you are socially distancing, masking up, and staying safe!

School nurse info: Melissa Harris

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