Letter From the Editor In Chief



Let me start by saying welcome to The Rambler! Whether you have stuck around waiting for our next publication since the beginning of our year-long hiatus, or if you are brand new to our paper, we are all so glad you are here.

My name is Allison Spivey and I am honored to be editor in chief of The Rambler student newspaper for the 2021-2022 school year. I have been a contributor to The Rambler since my very first month on campus and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have always had an inclination towards writing and despite my high school’s lack of offering many creative outlets, I quickly found my way to our campus publication. As a first year student I was so excited to join the newspaper and get a chance to see if journalism could be a passion of mine. Then, in my sophomore year I was able to take on the role of head editor for the news section of our publication and I held that position until the start of this school year. After our major hiatus during our online year I am so excited to be back to writing and collaborating like normal, or at least close to like normal.

A little more about me, I am a senior and I’m double majoring in Education and Social Change and Psychology. I am excited to pursue a career in education in a non-traditional setting such as a nonprofit, museum, or other historic location in order to inspire the next generations of lifelong learners. I am shocked at how quickly my time at Transy has gone by, but I am determined to finish the year off strong and make The Rambler a “dorm-hold” name again.

This newspaper is 100% student run and has inspired truth and knowledge since 1915. This year we at The Rambler are dedicated to what I am referring to as “The Rambler Renaissance”. We have so much in store for this year and by the end of my time as editor in chief I vow that there will no longer be anyone on campus to say our writer’s most dreaded comment “oh, I didn’t even know we had a campus newspaper?”. Our newspaper is completely run by students and offers all of the Transy community an opportunity to see into the minds of students if only for moments at a time. Each writer, or contributor as we call ourselves, has begun their time at Transy with a keen eye that is constantly observing our small campus and wider city. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, families, and community members alike should keep an eye on The Rambler this year as we will go unnoticed no longer.

All of you are welcome here. Read our stories as they pertain to your lives as much as they relate to our own. We will post stories, videos, podcasts, and photos of topics that directly affect each and every one of us. Some of our media will cater towards the light hearted side of each student just trying to make it through another damn week. Some will venture outside of campus to introduce our readers to what lies beyond the Transy bubble. Other portions of the site may tackle issues of social justice and sticking up for who and what we believe in. While other portions are dedicated to relaying the highs and lows of our sports team’s epic sagas on the court, field, or pool.

In closing I say thank you to those who have stuck it out through our years of dwindling readership and also to those of you who will keep our newspaper going for another 100 years. There is no Rambler without the students, faculty, and staff who have made it possible. Thank you to our contributors, new and old, their photos and brief biographies will be located under our staff tab soon. Thank you to the library for allowing us to meet weekly and discuss. Thank you to you, the readers, for lending us your attention and faith. Be on the lookout on our social media pages and around campus for Rambler sponsored events and for our biannual physical copies where we will showcase each semester’s best stories.

Long live The Rambler.