The Transylvanian Revamped

Courtesy of Olivia Forester

I sat down with Olivia Forester, PR editor (via email) to talk about The Transylvanian, Transy’s literary magazine. It is the second oldest collegiate literary magazine in the country, but readership has declined in recent years. 

The theme for this year is Metamorphosis. According to Forester, “in past issues, we have highlighted themes of legacy and “Revolution”. This year, we are encouraging students to break out of their structured and everyday chrysalis of their everyday lives and become something so much more.”

Hopes are high that the magazine’s popularity will rise boosted by a broadened selection and digitization. Forester explains, “The Transylvanian is a place where creative minds have a chance to share their voices. Many times people think because they are not an English or Art major that they have nothing to offer, which is untrue! Last year, I wrote a poem for my Media and Literature Journalism class that was published. Our magazine is a platform for all students to show off their individuality and expressiveness that they would normally not be able to do.”

There are sections such as fine arts, prose, and poetry. Students can be accepted into more than one category. The deadline for submissions is March 20th and entries are accepted via email to