Staff Picks: skills we want to master


The topic for this week’s Staff Picks is a skill each of our staff members would like to master one day. If you have any topic suggestions that you would like to hear from us about, please email us at

Taylor Mahlinger, Editor-in-Chief:

“I would love to master the art of public speaking because I think it is essential in life! You never know when you might be asked to give an important speech or presentation.”

Abby Stone, Managing Editor:

“I would like to become fluent in new languages, particularly Italian and American Sign Language (ASL). Also, I would love to master the skills necessary to train any dog with obedience needs and learning new tricks.”

Shawna Morton, Back-end Editor:

“I would like to master sewing because I always have the best ideas for clothes but no way to make them.”

Allison Spivey, News Editor:

“I have always wanted to learn how to do a somersault. A simple task, maybe, but I’ve found that it is much more difficult than one would imagine.”

Gabrielle Crooks, Staff Photographer:

“I would like to become a skillful gardener! My retirement plan for life is to open a greenhouse and sell Houseplants as well as produce. I find being among my plants to be peaceful, so I would like to learn more about their care and how to grow crops.”

Nyah Mattison, Graphic Design and Media Editor:

“I’m currently in the process of learning embroidery. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and eventually I want to be able to embroider clothing and tapestries. It’s really soothing, and I love that there are always new stitches to try!”

Will Hickey, Staff Contributor:

“I think one skill that I want to master would be knowing all languages, so I could communicate effectively with all people. Also, I think it would just be cool to be able to speak like Swahili whenever!”

Taylore Latham, Staff Contributor:

“I would like to master sign language one day because I think it’s an incredibly useful skill, plus I talk with my hands a lot so it would give my unnecessary gesturing meaning.”