Out of the Vault: sports

Photo by The Crimson of 1970

This week’s “Out of the Vault” topic is the comparison of Transy’s sports from 100 and 50 years ago to now. If you have any topic suggestions that you would like to see from Transy history, please email us at rambler@transy.edu.

Similar to present-day universities and colleges, Transy has a plethora of sports to be a part of and cheer on. From men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, and soccer to women’s volleyball and many more, athleticism never ceases on and off-campus, but did you know that Transy used to have a football team? The team was active from 1880 to 1941, and in the very first game, beat Centre College. It competed within the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. And just as sports have manifested and changed over the decades, so has the landscape of Transy’s sports!

Click on the slideshow below for a look at how sports have evolved at Transy! To check out more photos of Transy history, stop by the library to look at past Transy yearbooks and stay tuned for the rest of the series!

Out of the vault: sports
Photo via The Crimson 1970
Cheer team
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