Rafinesque’s 200th Anniversary brings more events to Raf week

Photo from The Rambler's archives

This year is the 200th anniversary of former Professor Constantine Rafinesque’s arrival on Transy’s campus which means that Raf Week, Oct. 23-31, has to be very special! If you haven’t heard the legend behind Rafinesque that put Transy on the “most haunted places in Lexington,” read last year’s story here.

Thanks to Transy’s Student Activities Board (SAB), Res Life, the Alumni Office, and other campus organizations, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming days before Halloween. We interviewed Taylen Henry, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for SAB, to get more information on the upcoming Halloween events. “I mean, our name is Transylvania, we gotta play it up a little!” Henry said. She explained that SAB strives to make each Raf Week more exciting than the last, and with this being such an important anniversary in Transy’s history, they knew they had to step it up. “This year is Raf’s 200th anniversary of coming to Transy so we knew we had to go all out! We wanted to add an event that could potentially be a staple event for Raf weeks to come” said Henry. An exciting new event this year is a guided haunted house themed around the ghosts of Transylvania called “The Spirits of Transy” which will be located in Poole Hall. SAB coordinated with Res Life’s Boo Bash, and they are very excited about this event. “We really want this to potentially become a staple. Also, I think it is the event we have put the most blood (literally), sweat and tears into, and there does seem to be some Transy hype around it. I am hoping people come out!” said Henry.

Another new event this year is the craft night in Thomson Lobby on Oct. 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This event will offer some “light of heart Halloween fun,” emphasized Henry. The craft night will allow for students to get into the Halloween spirit and make some decorations for the season. SAB has also partnered with alumni to be able to offer historic ghost story tours during the Fall Festival which will include a look inside Raf’s tomb. Pumpkin carving for Pumpkinmania will also be during the Fall Festival. Pumpkins and carving supplies will be provided.

A full schedule of Raf Week events can be found here. Keep in mind, each student will have a chance to enter the haunted house ticket giveaway at either the events or on Instagram. The haunted house raffle this year is for Fright Nights at Jacobson Park.

The week of Halloween promises to excite, fright, and delight! Make sure to attend as many events as possible, and don’t forget to buy a Pumpkinmania t-shirt at the Fall Festival or Pumpkinmania!