The 411 on the changes of Transy

Photo by Gabby Crooks

This year at Transylvania University, students returned to campus to find that many changes had been made while they were away on summer vacation. Here is a list of top 10 changes to campus that may affect your daily life…

    • New Crimson Cards. Each student and member of the faculty and staff were given a new card this year. The card is now set up portrait style and includes a QR code on the back that enables you to simply tap the card rather than swiping it to complete tasks such as paying for food, opening doors, and checking items out at the library.
    • Bon Appetit. The new food service provider in the campus cafeteria was long desired and welcomed by many with open arms. The cafeteria and Gratz Perk now offer healthier choices for meals with better quality food than in years past. However, there are still several issues students have with its arrival. The lack of an ingredient list for the food items causes students with allergies to be cautious and nervous about eating on campus. Students are also weary about long lines in the caf and the new serving situation.
    • Jazzman’s new name. Beloved campus coffee shop, once known as Jazzman’s is now called Gratz Perk. Gratz Perk offers all your basic coffees and teas, along with salads, wraps, and baked goods.
    • Kincaid Hall. The formerly unnamed dorm on campus, commonly referred to as Pioneer Hall, has now been formally named Kincaid Hall, after 1936 graduates.
    • Interim President. Transy has named an interim president while their search for a permanent president continues. Dr. John N. Williams Jr., who graduated from Transy in 1974, has returned to campus and has said that he welcomes any suggestions students have in making this year run smoothly.
    • New faculty members. This year Transy has welcomed five new faculty members to campus. This includes Daniel Bennett (Theater), Priya Ananth (Spanish), Elizabeth Loh (Biology), Leslie Ribovich (Religion), and Daniel Clausen (English).
    • New Banners. On campus, there can now be seen banners hanging from the many lamp posts. These banners advertise Transy’s many academic achievements and rankings.
    • Resilience. Transy’s theme this year is resilience. The Transylvania University website describes this theme as, “the most persistent kind of strength because it is tied to creativity, responsiveness to context and humility. The word seems to float through our consciousness in these times of unprecedented changes in our climate and challenges to our core democratic ideals.”
    • Campus Center Construction Continues… The campus center construction made a lot of progress while students were off campus for the summer. There is now a steel structure showing the outline of where the new building will soon rise from the ashes where Forrer Hall once stood. The new campus center is projected to be complete by the 2020 school year.
    • The Class of 2023. We welcome them with open arms and hope they have a wonderful year!