New Dining Hall Floods After Rains

Photo by Allison Spivey.

With the weather starting to heat up, the threat of snow has turned to rain. However, with that rain came unexpected consequences for the new dining hall, still colloquially called the Raf. The Lexington Room, in back of the Raf, was closed off on Thursday after rainfall caused minor flooding. The room reopened Friday with only a small portion of the room sectioned off to keep students away from the wet walls and floors.

When asked if this has happened before, the Raf staff was unsure because they originally worked in the old dining hallf. One Raf staff member said, “I’m fairly new to the Raf, but I have heard of lots of minor flooding around campus. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was not the first time the Raf flooded.”

First-year Molly Uhls sat in the soon to be flooded portion of the Raf early on the day of the heavy rainfall. “I noticed my sleeve was wet and figured I couldn’t have spilled that much water on myself without realizing, so I touched the wall. And it was soaking wet, and the paint was beginning to peel off. Naturally, I moved tables and kept eating.”

Uhls also explained how the water smelled moldy and flecks of orange bits were coming out of the wall.

Part of the Raf Lexington Room is still closed off and is in the process of being dried.

Photo by Allison Spivey.