Tim Meko Presentation

Meko chats with an audience member after the talk. Photo by Tristan Reynolds.

As part of the recent “Data, Mine” series, Tim Meko, the Deputy Graphics Director of The Washington Post, gave an entertaining presentation titled “Big Data, Small Details and the Power of the Unknown” on January 31. The “Data, Mine” series showcases different forums about various ways lives can be viewed through a technological perspective. This series was meant to showcase how the digital age has not only changed privacy, relationships, and identities but also maximized opportunities for society.

Tim Meko is a graduate of Transylvania University from the class of 2006. His innovative interests in both computer science and art created the current Arts and Media major which he said at his time at Transy was the “mullet of academic majors.” Once earning a position at The Post in 2016, Meko felt like he was running on a treadmill backward. Now at his current position, he is responsible for all breaking news with any subject matter that includes informative, and sometimes interactive, graphics.

Within the presentation, Meko introduces that, in order to make a good graphic, it must inform and delight the audience on the subject matter. Most importantly, though, a graphic has a shelf life. So as with any piece directed towards the public, the graphic must be worthwhile for the audience. As far as the future of graphics, Meko hopes to tap into drones, such as mapping a live event, and audio availability through podcasts.

In order to get visual access to Tim Meko’s contributions and presentation, visit this link bit.ly/meko-links.