Weekly SGA Update: October 11, 2017


New Senator Election

  • Congratulations to Drew Dodds for being elected as the newest member of SGA!

Funding Requests

  • Student Against Hunger and Homelessness
    • Asking for funds to continue pb&j sandwich making operation
    • Granted $142.61
  • SGA Student Affairs
    • Senator Lewis asking for funds to cover the cost of candy used for SGA’s table at Pumpkinmania
    • Granted $58.62

Student Affairs

  • Requests for another Mental Health Counselor
  • Considering voicing the opinion of SGA
  • Figured out the use of “lockout money”
  • Used to be used for Crimson Christmas
  • Now goes to funds for emergency reboring of locks
  •  Working on getting layouts of new buildings on the website
  • Pads have been taken down in elevators

Diversity Liaison

  • There is a new international admissions counselor, her name is Alice Chapel
  • Her position is the assistant director of international recruitment
  • Since the departure of Serenity Wright, international recruitment has not been good
  • Senator Zhang, SGA’s diversity liaison, will be making an effort to get to know the new counselor