SGA Weekly Update: Nov. 17


This week, SGA granted $200 to TEAL to fund their Thanksgiving dinner they will be hosting using local ingredients from the farmer’s market. In our Student Affairs Committee, senators are still working on getting coffee and donuts for construction workers as a thank you for all that they have done. Senators are also looking in to a proposal regarding recycling bins and trash cans.

In our Academic Affairs Committee, Senator Elias Hanna has scheduled an SGA open forum for Dec. 6 during open hour. All student are welcome and encouraged to come. Senator Chloe Hunt has organized another faculty-student lunch with Dr. Partain that will take place during open hour this coming Tuesday. Senators had dinner with Dr. Hauman and discussed possible alterations to FYS and FYSE classes. We look forward to having more discussion on that matter. Senators brought up the question: Should students get extra credits in LAB and ART classes? They made the argument that students spend a significant time outside of class in these classes for the same credit otherwise. It was proposed that a .25 credit can be earned in order to compensate for the amount of time spent in an academic setting. Senators will be looking to get faculty feedback before further pursuing the matter.