Life at Transylvania: Crimson Affair


What does it mean to be a Transylvania Pioneer? This is a question that The Rambler is going to explore and attempt to answer through looking at specific and unique aspects of Transylvania life and explain what they are and what they mean to the campus. This will not only explain the campus culture for audiences outside of Transy, but also capture campus life in this specific moment in Transy history.

Transylvania does not have a homecoming week, but we make up for it with Raf week. Similarly, where Transy does not have a homecoming dance or get-together, we have Crimson Affair.

As senior Alex Cesar explains, Crimson Affair is “a night for people to just dance and enjoy themselves without having to go very far. It is a really cool way to hang out with your friends and hang out in a space.”

Crimson Affair is one of two annual dances hosted by the Student Activities Board (SAB), the other being Spring Fling. Each year the event has a different theme and this year’s will be Starry Night. Decorations of Van Gogh’s paintings, lights to give a feeling of a night sky, and even a geofilter made by sophomore Josh Porter all will contribute to making the theme, and the event, come together.

Contributing to the theme through decorating is actually Cesar’s favorite part of the event.

“My favorite part about Crimson Affair is the decorating,” said Cesar. “It is really satisfying for me to put in the effort to craft and create a space where people can enjoy themselves, and how it looks.”

One reason for the event’s popularity is it is one of few times when all students can attend a dance.

“It brings Transy together as more of a community especially since everyone is invited, not just this sorority or that frat, every student no matter their Greek affiliation can come and have a ball,” said alumnus Regan Buckler.

Buckler attended the event as a student her first two years at Transy and then contributed to making it happen as a member of SAB her last two years. Her favorite part was always picking out the food since the event usually has a wide array of great food selections. This usually includes various dips (spinach artichoke, buffalo ranch, salsa) and assorted desserts. The event this year will actually have chicken tenders from Raising Cane’s, a popular restaurant amongst Transy students.

Senior Allison Sanders has served as the photographer of the event for the past two years. The event always has an area with a backdrop where students can go and have their photo taken by Sanders for free. The students can then access the photos afterwards via Student Activities Board’s Facebook page.

Sanders sees Crimson Affair as an opportunity for students to celebrate the university together.

“I think it’s important for people on campus because even though we may not have a huge football team, we have a lot of spirit,” said Sanders. “This dance is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate being Pioneers together.”

Buckler wishes that the Crimson Affair tradition continues so as “to keep the connectivity alive. Without Crimson Affair and Spring Fling the only fun themed dance parties would be Greek related, unless some other club or organization besides SAB puts one on, and that’s no fun.”

Not only does the event provide a space for all students to have fun together, but it also works as a destressing event in the midst of a busy semester.

“Crimson Affair is that one night in the fall term where people can forego their responsibilities for just one night and have fun with their friends and the rest of the campus community,” said Cesar.

The event is also unique in its purpose to just simply provide a space for students to have fun and celebrate together.

As Sanders describes, “Crimson Affair is a somewhat selfless event, in that its purpose is not for anything other than celebrating the students and our school pride.”

Another essential piece of the event is the Crimson Court. Every year, two members from the first-year, sophomore, and junior class along with four seniors are voted by their classmates as the Crimson Court. The night of the event, students can vote between the seniors for the top two winners.

“Because it is such a small school, the people nominated for [Crimson Court] are well known and are chosen because they are positive leaders on campus and represent Transy well,” said Sanders.

This year’s Crimson Affair will be held Saturday, Nov. 5 from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. Students are encouraged to RSVP but not required. However, any students that are bringing non-Transy students must RSVP. The Crimson Court will also be announced the night of the event and students can vote for the court via SAB’s Facebook page.

Whether students attend for a chance to mingle with students they do not normally see, destress from large amounts of classwork, or to go and see their friends be crowned Pioneer Royalty, the event usually brings a large crowd and as Buckler says, “It’s fun. I love it. Everyone loves it.”