Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Campus Conversation: Professors Veronica Dean-Thacker and Jack Girard

November 30, 2016 Griffin Cobb '18 interviews Professor of Spanish, Veronica Dean-Thacker, and Professor of Art, Jack Girard, about their collaborative works involving various artists who create both...

Campus Conversation: Professor Sarah Bray and Senior Biology Student Jaylen Beatty

Brandon Trapp '19 interviews biology professor Sarah Bray and senior biology student Jaylen Beatty in a conversation about their research on invasive plant species as...

Campus Conversation: Dr. Kerri Hauman

Brandon Trapp '19 sat down with Dr. Kerri Hauman to discuss how digital technology is being integrated into the learning experience across campus and her...

Campus Conversation: Dr. Gregory Partain

Tristan Reynolds '19, in conversation piano-side with pianist-composer and Transylvania music professor Gregory Partain. LISTEN

Campus Conversations: Dr. Bethany Packard

Tristran Reynolds '19 chats with Dr. Bethany Packard about her focus on early modern English literature. LISTEN

Campus Conversation: Professor Avery Tompkins

Griffin Cobb '18 chats with Bingham Diversity Scholar Dr. Avery Tompkins about his research on gender and how it relates to issues at TU. LISTEN

THE AFTER PARTY: Super Winter Flu Bowl

"Oh I'm Collin and I have homework so I'm too busy to help write a description for this episode. Also, I'm better than everyone...

Learn You a Thing: Dr. Steve Hess

The Learn You a Thing Podcast fromThe Rambler News Media is dedicated to improving public discourse around a multitude of topics that are of...